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In the past almost three years, over 200 followers and commentators shared their valuable views on this site. I feel proud of myself provided such a stage to very talented people so they were able to help others based on their experiences with ZQuiet. 


Due to the high volume of this site, some viewers emailed to me and saying they were confused by some of comments since they do not know which comment is for which product. I will be starting to categorize the blogs based on the manufacturers of the snoring devices, such as one blog for ZQuiet, one for Snorefighter, etc. I will keep the kudohealth.com primarily for ZQuiet and create separate pages for other devices. Hopefully this will make viewers' life little bit easier. I will continue to listening to viewers and make improvement on this site.


As everyone noticed, I have been updating the contents in this site and trying to provide more details and comparisons of snoring mouthpieces, such as, what the devices prescribed by dentist look like, what are the differences between them? what are the advantages and disadvantages of the ZQuiet? Are they safe to use?  I also provided some tips on other options for snoring eliminations.


Although I did and will continue to provide more useful information for viewers, I still wish more viewers can post their views to benefit more people since too many people suffers from snoring in this world and they need helps.


Please post your comments regarding to ZQuiet here. Comments for all other devices, please go back to "home" page and click the links on left side.





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My husband has suffered with sleep apnea for over a year - Dr says his is moderate. Has been using C-PAP machine and he hates it. Only sleeps about 2 hrs then wakes up usually can't stand it more than 5 hrs. When he gets up he has to blow his nose 50+ times (about 2-3 hours after he is up)! Would Z-quiet or Kudo snorefighter work for sleep apnea?? Thank you very much, Leta

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Millions of us snore the night away. And the rest of us are plugging our ears every night because we sleep with someone that sounds like a broken chainsaw & I happen to be the one that was sawing logs in our house. It's no secret that snoring is not healthy. It's either so bad that you could possible stop breathing or it's just bad enough that you're not getting enough restful sleep at night. And most solutions are either extremely expensive surgery or very uncomfortable. Before you go through either of these options, you may want to try the ZQuiet Anti Snoring Mouthpiece - it's very affordable and comes with a totally risk-free offer.


Is the Kudo Snorefighter sold on http://winstony.com legitimate, or counterfeit ?

The carry case looks a little different.


Good to know you love your Snorefighter. if you comfortable with your device which means you do not feel teeth pain or your jaw and gums soreness, there will no uneven pressure on your teeth , your jaw and gums, The advantage of success custom fit is the pressure during move the bottom teeth through to obtain a proper forwarded position can be divided to your teeth, gums,and jaw equally or we can say that the total pressures is zero. so you do not feel any uncomfortable with your device. Otherwise, you need refit your device to achieve the best result.



I purchased a mouthpiece two weeks ago and so far I love it. I am a bit concerned about it moving my bottom teeth though since it does put pressure on them when pushing the lower jaw forward. Should I be concerned about this?

Hi! I am curious if you attract a lot of traffic to this journal?

Recommend to use your fingers or teeth brush to clean the device in cold or warm running water.

due the wear, the device may not effective as new one. if it has been used within 6 months, you may refit it to your teeth. if more than 6 months, you may need a new one.



What method is best for cleaning the mouth piece?

According to the wife I have been snoring recently even while wearing the mouthpiece. It worked most of the time for the past several months. Any idea how to fix the problem?

I just ordered two more as I have had this one for a few months so maybe it is time to replace it?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thanks, Hayden

Great customer service from Kudo Snorefighter. The product is solid, but my lower jaw is too small and falls back easily so I had a hard time molding it. However, the customer service was quick to respond to my questions.


Generally I do not recommend people with full dentures to use the ZQuiet or Snorefighter for snoring. you may look at chin straps to if it helps.



does this device work for people who wear dentures- would like to find a product that works for denture wearers

I very much enjoy your blog here, thank you so much you have helped me out greatly Smile spread the love.

Thanks & Regards

Dear Briellen,

The Kudo Snorefighter is as good as ZQuiet, It is not only stooping snoring. But, it doesn't cause your teeth pain. Also. if you interested in buy a ZQuiet and you found it really difficult to locate your area, Why don't you try Kudo Snorefighter. It has a option for international shipping including your area-Australia. You can directly place your order from http://www.kudosnore.com/products.html.

Please select “Outside of United States-International Express (1 Week)” after “add order” for item selecting for one of model from KSF-NS, KSF-MN or KSF-MN for you need . if you are not sure your are a nasal breather, we suggest you select KSF-MN (for mouth and nasal breather ) , this model is the universal one which can either for mouth breather , nasal breather, or both. You can pay by your credit card or debit card or PayPal account. Please select “ Australia “ from country list and fill up all the information needed on the payment site. Then “place Order” is the finial step for completing order .

Should you have any questions ? please contact Kudo at support@kudosnore.com


Kudo Support Team.

I am really interested in buying a ZQuiet; however, I live in Australia and am finding it really difficult to locate somewhere where I can purchase this product. Can you help me?

Dear Kelley,

The Snorefighter is a mouthpiece used to reposition your lower jaw forward to open up your throat for easy breathing. The Snorefighter requires custom fit with your teeth at your home. The custom fit is a simple process, just simply soften the mouthpiece in hot water, then fit it to your teeth.

During the process of custom fit to your husband's teeth, while the mouthpiece is still soft from hot water, insert it to his mouth, bite down, then intentaionally extend his lower jaw forward and hold there until the mouthpice is cold. This is an one time fit, every single night after this, the mouthpiece will reposition his lower jaw to this position and prevent snoring.



I just ordered the zquiet for my husband-he has tried if just under a week and hates it. He wakes up within a couple of hours with his mouth hurting and teeth as well. I am sending it back.

How is Snorefighter different? I don't want to waste more money on shipping if it's pretty much the same. I know you say it molds to the teeth-but how does that pull the jaw forward?


Dear Lorrin,

Thank you for coming back. you absolutely qualify for a discount on your purchase in this time. The $19.97 has been credited to your account and the confirmation has been sent to your e-mail box.

You also can access the link below to place your next order which is 50% off for Kudo Loyal Repeat Customer



Kudo Support


Hi There,

I am a returning customer, I have ordered three or four Kudos over the years. I love them!
I just read that there may be a discount for existing customers? I just ordered a new Kudo, (I received an email confirmation, but no order number was referenced) would this qualify for a discount?

Thank you
Lorrin Trifilo

Dear Lance,

Thank you for the question about Kudo Snorefighter.

The Kudo Snorefighter can be functional used within 6~12 month . After that. You need a replacement. You are welcome to access the www.kudosnore.com to find a right type of snorefighter for you

Thank you for discovering Kudo snorefighter, it has been 90~93% effective on the function for anti-snoring . The Kudo Snoring Research stands behind its products and guarantees your satisfaction with your purchase. All customers offered 60 days money back guarantee if Kudo Snorefighter not satisfied you.


Kudo Research Team

Does the Kudo snorefighter last a long time or does it need to be replaced often?


After I received my Snorefighter. I began to process the custom fit on my Snorefighter . Unfortunately. The device melted onto the spatula due to heat time over the designed time. So, at any rate , I need another to fit it properly as I feel hopeful that the Kudo Snorefighter may help me. I send an e-mail to support@kudosnore.com for my attempting to order a new one. You know what, the Kudo support team replay me very quickly that I do not need spend extra money to get a replacement, I can get it for free from the better service to the customer program. I had better success forming it on the replacement and it real helps with my snoring problem, I really want to share my story with the people who is suffusing snoring problem. The Kudo Snorefighter is really worth you give a try. I also sent Kudo an email to report my success story and appreciated the excellent customer services.


Dear Pat ,

Thank you for discovering Kudo Snorefighter, You’ve taken the first stop toward better, more restful sleep.
The major goal of Kudo snorefighter is the device should COMFORTABLE with people beside it can stop snoring effectually. In order to the device can fits each individual who may has a unique mouth size and teeth shape, the idea of custom fit is fist chose for Kudo Snorefighter. So, Designed Kudo Snorefighter is only ONE SIZE but it can fits everyone AFTE IT BEING CUSTOM FIT.
The custom fit on the Snorefighter is very samlpe. Every one can easy do it per the instruction guide, you also can adjust your custom fit 2 through 3 time for achieving the best result.


Kudo Support Team

I am interesting in to buy a kudo snorefighter, But , I have a question, Are there large, medium, or small to fit everyone? Or is it one size fits all which lacks a custom fit feel?


Kudo Snorefihgter not only works, But also save your money.

I started snoring 3 years ago, the severe situation for me was my snoring finally developed to sleep apnea which was diagnosed in sleep center one year ago. I had been told by my sleep Dr. I need to stop my snoring first then my sleep apnea can be reduced or eliminated gradually. My first device for treading my snoring was CPAP machine, It cost me up $1000.00. But, I had to stop to use it, only because I had very bad sleep with this machine…
My second device was a brand name, which is most poplar in the market apparently. I knew it from TV ad, I tried it, it works for me, But, It causes me teeth pain. I analyzed that may the only pre-sized of this device can not fit everyone needs. Just like one size shoes can not fit every one’s foot. So when your mouth or your teeth does not match the size of this device. The pressure created on your teeth or in your mouth. So, the teeth felt pain. Lastly, All after about 35 days, just enough time to not get my $70 back. I hate to spend any money on these things, but I really hoping I can find one device which not only can works for me but also I can comfortable with. The Kudo Snorefighter was recommended by my friend who experiences my problem. I only spend $45.97 for my first item last year, it really surprised me. My snoring stopped by this device and feel nothing in my mouth after the first three days as I acclimate to the new position during my sleep.

My experience with Kudo snorefighter is every one can comfortable with the Kudo snorefighter. Because it required to custom fit to individual needs. But the procedure is very sample. even if you have no success on your device. You can easily get a replacement for free. I only sent an email to Kudo for my problem. I never thought I received a new device 3 days later
They have very impressed services, Strong recommended !!!


Dan, for KSF-NS, no need to keep the breathing holes open since this model is for nasal breathers.

I currently use Snorefighter KSF-NS and it really helps, especially when I travel (don't have to lug around a C-PAP machine), but as I order a 2nd one, I remember when molding the 1st....the instructions make mention of a device to keep the holes open, it didn't come with one, why so?

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