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In the past almost three years, over 200 followers and commentators shared their valuable views on this site. I feel proud of myself provided such a stage to very talented people so they were able to help others based on their experiences with ZQuiet. 


Due to the high volume of this site, some viewers emailed to me and saying they were confused by some of comments since they do not know which comment is for which product. I will be starting to categorize the blogs based on the manufacturers of the snoring devices, such as one blog for ZQuiet, one for Snorefighter, etc. I will keep the primarily for ZQuiet and create separate pages for other devices. Hopefully this will make viewers' life little bit easier. I will continue to listening to viewers and make improvement on this site.


As everyone noticed, I have been updating the contents in this site and trying to provide more details and comparisons of snoring mouthpieces, such as, what the devices prescribed by dentist look like, what are the differences between them? what are the advantages and disadvantages of the ZQuiet? Are they safe to use?  I also provided some tips on other options for snoring eliminations.


Although I did and will continue to provide more useful information for viewers, I still wish more viewers can post their views to benefit more people since too many people suffers from snoring in this world and they need helps.


Please post your comments regarding to ZQuiet here. Comments for all other devices, please go back to "home" page and click the links on left side.