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We started this website in 2008 and it has become quite popular. It is now getting Kudo Health blog launched for you to review or comment on snoring, snoring products such as  Kudo Snorefighter, Puresleep, Zquiet, SomnoGuard, QuietSleep, Ripsnore, Soremeds, Snore Wizard, Vital Sleep, etc. to help others to select a right snoring product. As you can see there are so many choices, I would like to categorize them as  Kudo Snorefighter Reviews, Puresleep Reviews, Zquiet Reviews, SomnoGuard Reviews, Ripsnore Reviews, Snoremeds Reviews, Vital Sleep Reviews, Snoremender Reviews, etc. so that reviewers can search them and make a selection.


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Very useful info. Hope to see more posts soon!


Dear Shelly,

Thank you for interesting in Kudo Snorefighter , it has been 93% effective based on trail the people who has been using Kudo Snorefighter for years. you can place your order for KSF-MN (for Nasal and mouth breather) first which you thought about it might be suitable for you. you also can exchange one when you figure out what is best for you.It will no any additional charge on this issue.You just need to send an -email to
support@kudosnore.com or call 1-888-583-0766. for your inquiring
The price $39 instead of $24 was adjusted price based on the material and manufacturing cost raised. But the kudo always doing the hard work to would like to keep the lowest price as far as possible to satisfy costumes need.

For more detials about Kudo Snorefighter, please access the link : www.kudosnore.com

For place your order please access : http://www.kudosnore.com/products.html


Kudo Support

I was going to order one nose and one mouth breather - can I exhcange one when I figure out what is best for me? Also, on this site they are pricing a bit cheaper ($24 vs $39) - why is that? http://winstony.com/ Once I receive my answers I will order - thank you.

Hi, Steve,
As you can see the state on http://www.kudosnore.com/products.html that the Kudo Snorefighter has three models available, The KSF-NS (for Nasal Breathers ), KSF-MT (For Mouth breather), KSF-MN(For Mouth and Nasal breather),

If you are NOT a mouth breather, The KSF-NS IS best for you. The KSF-MT was designed specifically for mouth breathers. The KSF-MN is for mouth or nasal breathers or both.

The Kudo Snorefighter is as effective as CPMFORTABLE as the ones costing $60-70 from other companies, The rate of effective for Kudo snorefighter is between 90% ~93% , But, The COST for the device is only $45.99 (including shipping ) which is lowest price than other brand name in the market. The Kudo company also developed savings plan for new customers and repeat customers

1. The SECOND item at 50% off when purchase two device at same time.
2. All repeat customers are automatically offered 50% off for any models and Qty orm the program http://www.kudosnore.com/loyal-customer.html

Beside above, The Kudo Company insist on 60 DAYS MONEY BACK guarantee , it is longest trying period than other companies has.


Kudo Support.

Hi, I am a snorer, But , I am NOT a mouth breather, I want use Kudo Snorefighter, Can you tell me which model is best for me, Is the Kudo Snorefighter as effective and as COMFORTABLE as the ones costing $60~70?



If you have sleep apnea, yes, it is necessary to have an overnight study in a sleep center.

you are right, if the fit is not tight enough, the pressure on your teeth will not be even and could be concentrated on few teeth, that teeth will be sore in the morning. you can follow the same procedure for refit. just remember to put the insert back to your mouthpiece before refit. if you are a nasal breather, there will be no insert.

a minimal saliva is normal. it is your body's natuaral reaction to an external device. it eventually stops.

As long as the device is effective, you do not need a replacement. there are several good devices in the market, you can give them a try. we will be always here to help you on snoring issues.




Snorefighter has definitely stopped my snoring. I will be going to my sleep md in six weeks for an oxygen saturation level during the night which should be an interesting test of the good this is accomplishing.

My teeth are still minimally sore most mornings after 2 weeks of use. Should I re warm and press down a little harder to stop this?

I seem to have enough saliva during sleep that when I wake up I drool. Is this unusual?

Why do I need to buy a new one every 6 months? There are several on the market so I would just try those to see if they work better




A TMJ scan can find any wear/damage on your jaw joint. Many dentists will either make braces or mouthpiece to fix the problem. The mouthpiece can also help on teeth grounding.
Since you do not see any positive results from the snoring testing, so I do not think any mouthpiece will be working for you. plus the TMJ problem, I am hesitative to recommend any mouthpieces without a TMJ specialist's instruction.

As I mentioned in my website (www,kudohealth.com), many dentist can make a mouthpiece for snoring. You may be lucky for a mouthpiece be covered by your insurance since you have TMJ problem. You may talk to your insurance for pre-approval.
You have a good chance to have one mouthpiece for TMJ, teeth grounding and snoring.




To answer your questions,
1. I have seen a TMJ specialist and they said that I would need to have braces to align my jaws to fix the problem. I did not get my jaw scanned, they just moved my jaw around until it clicked, which meant it was back in place.
2. I do get pain, but only when I am stressed out or find myself clenching my jaw. I think I might of recently started grinding my teeth at night too.
3. I have not had any treatment done yet 4. it is not harder for me to snore with my lower jaw forward.

Thank you,


Generally I do not recommend to use any snoring mouthpiece if you have an TMJ problem. But each case could be different.
I have few questions for you.
1. have you seen any dentist with TMJ specialty? They can scan your jaw joint with a 360 degree scanner.
2. any pain on your jaw joint?
3. any treatment?
4. you said you had a snoring test done followed my instruction. I understand many of snorers snore both cases as you tested. But if you feel it is much harder to snore with extended lower jaw, then a mouthpiece should work because during sleep, you will not breathe as hard as you tested. So my question is did you feel harder to snore with extended lower jaw?

please reply so i may help you.



Can't decide if a mouthpiece is my solution

I've been looking at getting a mouthpiece to stop my snoring for some time now and I still don't know which one is going to be the most successful for me. The reason I am having such a hard time deciding is because I have a form of TMJ where the joints in my jaw are not where they should be. I have to move my lower jaw forward to line them up correctly.

I tried to do that test where you try to snore with a relaxed jaw and then try to snore with my lower jaw forward. I can snore in both cases. So how would a mouthpiece work if I can snore with my lower jaw forward and that is all that the mouthpieces do?

Please help me figure out what I should do to help my snoring

My husband begun to use Kudo Snorefighter 2 years ago, I really want to tell you that the Kudo Snorefighter IS REALLY works for him, The Kudo snorefighter not only can stop his snoring But , also can care his sleep apnea He has been tried CPAP machine which prescribed by his sleep Dr. 3 years ago. But he finally giving it up. The machine made him very discomfort at sleep although his sleep apnea got some level of reduction .

Also, The CPAP machine is not convenient for his business travel. He had to looking for other devices or methods. After he read the Kudo Snorefighter reviews, he decided to give Kudo snorefighter a try. I still remembered that exciting morning when he waked up from first night he wore his snorefighter. I did not hear his snoring and He told me he had a very sweet sleep and felt very comfortable with his snorefighter.
WOW, He never had this good feeling in a long time. I just want to say, Kudo snorefighter, Thank you very much. You give my husband a new life!

I believe this internet site has very superb pent subject material blog posts.

I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my web site :)

That was an in depth and then motivating "how to" content. I browsed a lot of BS through the internet, thank you for this particular article.

I don't know about your product but I DO know ZQUIET is not ethical in their business dealings. People beware of ZQUIET!!!

I recently went to a sleep clinic to see if I had sleep apnea. The results were negative. I did, however, snore loudly.
My wife cannot sleep with me because of my snoring. I take sleep medication as perscribed by a Doctor, but I am uncertain whether this causes snoring. I am taking Seroquel and Clonazepam, 600mg and 2 mg in that order.
Please, advice!

Phillip, Good for you. no fun to having sleep apnea. I am a normal weight person, 8-9 years ago, many of times, i was so sleepy and had to pull over my car from highway to take a nap on my way home after work. I had 50 miles one way commute that time. My wife thought i was lack of sleep and suggested me to take a nap after lunch. I has taken my nap in my car every working day during lunch time, even in the hot summers and bitter cold winters. This did help me for not fall in sleep while driving. About 6 years ago, I started to get headaches in the mornings, especially on weekends, the headaches forced me to get up and deep breathe for fresh air. I went to my sleep specialist, Dr. Richard Shoup, and he sent me to Manchester Hospital for sleep study. As you can guess, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. They also said I was snore loudly (my wife never told me i was snore loudly). Dr. Shoup prescribed me a CPAP machine, though the machine helped on sleep apnea, but it took me hours to fall in sleep, plus the service of the CPAP machine supplier was terrible, so I mold a Snorefighter for myself and found out it worked perfectly for me at the first night. I talked about the snorefighter with Dr. Shoup. It appeared he did not like non-prescription devices which I understood that he was a doctor. so I requested for a prescription oral appliance. He referred me to Dr. Larry Lockerman, a special dentist on sleep apnea and TMJ. I never come to see him because the snorefighter mouthpiece worked well for me and he is every expensive ($1,800 for a plastic mouthpiece) plus he did not accept my insurance, I had to pay him from my pocket, then reimbursed from my insurance which is a big question.
One funny thing was my wife used to push me at night because of loud snoring, now she still pushes me some times because I am so quiet at night which makes her thinking of my breathing stopped after she learned of sleep apnea.

I think Snorefighter is a good device for elimination of snoring. You may also try others, such as ZQuiet, Puresleep.

Hopefully this helps.


I am trying to decide what product to order and have a question about the snorefighter. If it is a quality device why does it appear that so many people are needing to re-order. Is the life expectancy of this mouthpiece limited?




Dear Vito,

Yes, the Snorefighter has a life limit of average of one year. It could be as low as 6 months for users with teeth grinding problem. Some users found it also helps for teeth grinding. Some users re-order the Snorefighter after two years.

Compare to ZQuiet, Puresleep, the Snorefighter actually has a longer life due to its unique one piece design as you can see from the top of this page.



Z-Quiet is a scam. Do not purchase from them. They will rip you off and the product doesn't work.

I noticed Kudo is offering 50% off ending on 7/24/11.

here is the link:


Hello I love your website!
I wanted to review the Puresleep product. I purchased one a few months back from their website and I have had great luck with it.I am a big snorer according to the spouse, and I am happy to say I now sleep without snoring thanks to this product! I recommended it to a friend who has severe sleep apnea but cannot tolerate the CPAP machine, and he too has had super results. His wife claims it has amazingly stopped his snoring and he can literally raise the roof with the sound!Also, he is sensitve to a gag reflux and was concerned he might not tolerate the device in his mouth but since it is custom fit and trimmable, no problem. If I had a negative comment it is that my jaw does feel sore after leaving it in all night, but I consider this a fair tradeoff since I feel so much better now that I am actually sleeping great. I am going to try the Kudo product as I really like the design and I think it might be more comfortable now that I have used this type of product. To all who are even thinkung about trying one, I say YES, you have no idea how great they work!

I just order your product and was never asked for my address.


Jeff, It appears you paid by your Paypal account. your credit card and shipping information are stored with Paypal. so when you purchase with Paypal. you do not need to input your credit card and shipping info.



Why doesn't the site accept American Express card for payment?
The logo is there , but won't accept the card!


Could be for several reasons. most common one is the fail of credit card security check. but Kudo does accept American Express card.



Just ordered a Snorefighter today for mouth breathers to replace my old " pure Sleep" which my dog ate. The old unit did not always work many times found it on the pillow as it would fall out while sleeping. Hope Kudo is better seeing they offer a nose breather and mouth breather obviously there is a difference in the units. If Kudo works is there a discount for buying another unit if you are an existing customer ? My wife will be the judge of this product, hope it works !
thanks, Don


for existing customer, Kudo offers 50% off. please submit your request to the email below.




I purchased the RipSnore earlier this year and have yet to sleep with it in for a full night. I end up drooling everywhere, my tongue gets pressed against the little opening and makes it hurt and last night it rubbed against my bottom lip so badly that my lip swelled up twice the size. I cant seem to keep the stupid thing in my mouth when I sleep, my jaw relaxes and my mouth opens and so one set of my teeth (usually the lower) just comes out of the mouthguard. I have a suspicion that this is what made it rub against my lip so badly last night. I think the ripsnre will be going in the bin along with the nasal strips and throat spray.

Pure Sleep is a piece of junk.

If you're smaller than average (like my wife) you won't get the thing into your mouth at all. I'm larger than average-- I can get it in, but it's dreadful. Can you sleep while drool pools in your mouth? I don't think so.
It only 'stops snoring' by preventing sleeping.

And the company dodges their refund offer 9 ways to Sunday.

And expensive rip-off-- avoid.

I am interested in the snorefighter but have an underbite where my lower teeth are in front of the uppers. Do you have a product I can use? I have 1 missing top tooth and breath thru both my mouth and nose while asleep.
Thank You


Dear Rick,

Since Snorefighter mouthpiece requires a custom fit, so for underbite user, you simply to extend your lower jaw further forward, the mouthpiece will work perfectly for you.
The Snorefighter is a mouthpiece used to reposition your lower jaw forward to open up your throat for easy breathing. The Snorefighter requires custom fit with your teeth at your home. The custom fit is a simple process, just simply soften the mouthpiece in hot water, then fit it to your teeth.

To ensure if Snorefighter is right for you, you can do the following simple test.
1. close your mouth with your lower jaw at its normal position, then try to snore.
2. close your mouth, extend your lower jaw forward as far as you can, hold there and try to snore.

I believe it is really hard to snore in step “2”, if this is the case, the Snorefighter will be perfect for you.

for more information, please visit our website:


to order the Snorefighter, please click the link below:


You can also call 1-888-583-0766, or send us an email for additional assist:



Kudo Service

I purchased ZQuiet. It took about a week to help with the snoring and I woke up this morning to discover the gum in front of my bottom front teeth ready to fall out. For the last couple weeks the gum around my lower front teeth has been very sensitive, even to the touch of my tongue. I do not recommend this product for anyone who cares about the health of their gum. Fortunately I have a day or so left in my trial period. Unfortunately, I had to pay the cost of shipping plus the 9$ to start the trial. I regret I didn't do the research and buy a custom fit mouthpiece.


I recently purchased a Zquiet mouthpiece. This mouthpiece does not fit properly, it is uncomfortable to sleep in, causes alot of jaw pain & quite frankly DOES NOT WORK!!

Let me tell you what does work:

It can be purchased at Wal-Mart for $9 for a 1 month supply. You spray it under your tongue & in the back of your throat. It does not taste unpleasant & causes no pain or discomfort while you sleep. It's also homeopathic, has no side effects & is non-addicting.

I slept with the Zquiet several weeks with no alleviation of my snoring, in fact it was worse(when I could get the device to even stay in my mouth)! Not to mention painful! You'd have to couple this device with a chin strap to make it work properly (or at very least to get it stay in your mouth).

In stark contrast, the SNORE STOP EXTINGUISHER helped the very first night I used it, PAIN FREE! I wish I had've found it sooner!

I just purchased a snorefighter mouthpiece. It was easy to custom fit; I read and followed directions with ease. The very first night my wife told me I did not snore once. I have to say I was delighted that a product worked as well as advertised. I will share my experience with anyone so feel free to copy my statement for your testimonials.

Thank Kudo from the bottom of my wife’s heart.

I just spoke to May, your representative at customer support and she told me to email here to ask for a replacement mouthpiece. We received it yesterday in the mail, did EVERYTHING exactly as the booklet instructed and the mouthpiece collapsed. It became completely compromised. My husband is quite upset that we paid this money for something like this. We are willing to accept that this may have been defective and will tyy it one more time but if it doesn't work we would like our money back.


I just noticed that you have posted a message on this review blog on 2/8/11. we normally do not monitor the review blogs daily. I also noticed we have sent you a replacement on 2/15/11. I assume you are all set. please let us know if you have any questions.

We normally can send you a replacement the same day or next day, if you directly contact us via our website:


or email:


or phone: 1-888-853-0766



Finding some remedies to stop snoring while sleeping?. There are many things that can help you to prevent snoring, like using some of the products like for example the snoring mouthpiece or by using the sleep apnea test it will help you to test if you have these sleep apnea symptoms.

How do I return a KUDO Snorefighter for a refund?



I have sent you the instruction for return your snorefighter for refund. but as a general process, please contact Snorefighter via our website:


or email:


or call: 1-888-583-0766

You do not have to call for refund. Email is preferred. We normally respond with instruction for return the items within minutes. However if you do not get response within in a day, please call or resend you request, or you can simply send your items to the address below. please make sure provide your purchase information (your full name, email address and physical address used for purchase). we will process your refund within a day.

PO Box 630
North Branford, CT 06471



I just purchased a snorefighter, but it did not ask for my address. How can you ship it to me without an address? Does Paypal disclose this information?
R. Virzi



If you have a Paypal account, your credit card and your address is stored in your PayPal account. When you make your purchase with your PayPal account, you do not have to enter your address again to save your time and eliminate errors.

Kudo accepts PayPal payment and major credit cards, debit cards and checks.

you can find the payment information from our website:



How will I have my order custumised to my teeth?


Dear Luis,

The Snorefighter is a mouthpiece used to reposition your lower jaw forward to open up your throat for easy breathing. The Snorefighter requires custom fit with your teeth at your home. The custom fit is a simple process, just simply soften the mouthpiece in hot water, then fit it to your teeth. While the mouthpiece is still soft, extend your lower jaw forward and hold there until the mouthpiece cools down.

To ensure if Snorefighter is right for you, you can do the following simple test.
1. close your mouth with your lower jaw at its normal position, then try to snore.
2. close your mouth, extend your lower jaw forward as far as you can, hold there and try to snore.

I believe it is really hard to snore in step “2”, if this is the case, the Snorefighter will be perfect for you.

for more information, please visit our website:


to order the Snorefighter, please click the link below:


You can also call 1-888-583-0766, or send us an email for additional assist:



Kudo Service

I placed an order for Snorefighter today, 11/02/2010. I wondered what the carrier is for shipment, US Postal, FedEx or UPS?

UPS has a very bad habit of not telling me they have left a parcel and if I don't just happened to see them in the drive, I don't know they have delivered anything as they do not ring our bell, even when we are at home.

I find they are least reliable recently, sorry to say, but it does help if I know to expect them. I can at least watch for them to arrive.

Thank you for your help.

By the bye, I have used the TAP and the Pure Sleep. I hope to report your appliance to be the best. I didn't notice cleaning instructions on your site, I assume they are the same as for the others?



Normally the Snorefighter is shipped via USPS first class mail within 24 hours.
thanks for trying Kudo Snorefighter,


How do I buy a replacement; when I go to the replacement section there is no pull down interface to continue with the order. I bought a snore fighter about a year ago and the original is pretty shot at this point.


Ray Rizzo



The website has been updated. Here is the new link for repeat customers for discount:


Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for come back.


I don't have a pay pal account, does that mean I can't by your product?




Any major credit card is acceptable to purchase SnoreFighter mouthpiece. also you can use debit card, echeck or Paypal.

For more details:




I recently bought a Snore Ex mouthpiece but it doesnt seem to work well for me. How do I go about returning the device for a full refund?



I do not recognize the Snore Ex. if that was a typo for Snorefighter, please contact them via email for return instruction:




Can I call to order the SnoreFighter? I don't have a paypal account.


Jay, please call 1-888-583-0766 to place your order over phone. You cam also place your order online. A Paypal account is not required. All major credit cards, debit cards, eChecks are accepted. You can also mail your check, Money order to the address below for your order.

PO Box 630
North Branford, CT 06471

For more details:




I had a bad experience with Doctors trying to steer me into CPAP after one friggin' expensive sleep study. I blogged about it on my site http://stoppedsnoring.com
I tried out a few different products and ended up using a mouthpiece that worked wonders like the one at the top of this post. There's a few difficulties with it which I go into some detail about on the site, but for the most part I get at least 9 out of 10 nights success with it.

Can you please provide me with the address to ship the snorefighter mouthpiece under Kudo's return policy? I only have a week or so left on the 60-day guarantee and used it only for a couple of days.



Please send your item to the address below if you do not have questions on how to make SnoreFighter working for you. Please contact me by email, phone:


otherwise please send the mouth piece to:

PO Box 630
North Branford, CT 06471

I will issue you a refund as soon as the package arrives.
Note: for anyone if you wish to return your snoreFighter, please contact me. but if you do not get response within a reasonable time frame for whatever the reason (your mail to me or my mail to you could be filtered in the "inbox"). you can send your mouth piece to the address above with detailed information for refund. Kudo will honer your return. This return policy separate Kudo from PureSleep or Zquiet since they only accept phone calls for return 8:00 - 5:00, Monday to Friday. It is always a good practice to have a tracking number for your return package in case it get lost in the transportation.


How do you know what size to order to fit my mouth properly?



SnoreFighter mouthpiece has only one size to fit for all. Snorefighter requires customer fit before use. When the mouthpiece is heated in hot water, it is softened and can be reshaped and resized to fit virtually everyone. If you have extremely small mouth, the access materials can be trimmed off by using a scissor. The SnoreFighter may not fit for people with extreme large mouth. Kudo's return policy accept returns without asking a questions. so it is worth to have a try.




This is the 4th anti-snoring device I have tried. Although 2 of the 3 other devices worked, they took a long time to adapt to. With the other devices, it took a long time to fall asleep (could really feel them in my mouth); had to build up how long I could tolerate them throughout the night; & left the skin next to the device & or teeth really sore/tender in the morning.

Kudo Snorefighter was very easy to fit. It felt so soft & comfortable when I put it in my mouth. I especially like how long the edges are so it fits well down over your teeth. I had some room inside the device to move my jaw some but still keep the forward jaw position. (With one of the other devices I woke up clenching because I was in a rigid tight position & actually had a tooth move from that). My lips easily formed around the device & were closed in a relaxed position & my mouth could close comfortably, so I didn’t get a dry mouth or throat.

My first night with snorefighter, I slept 6 hrs before awakening!! I took it out just to see how my mouth felt: skin comfortable, little pressure sensation on the teeth/gum areas but no discomfort. I left it out awhile but could telling I was starting to snore again so put it back in & woke up again 3&1/2 hrs later!!!! I think I was really sleep deprived. Feel great today.

Needless to say, I am going to order another now to have as a back-up.

Thank Kudo SOOO much for thier wonderful product. Now I can travel with my friends & have them not dread sharing a room with me!!

Can I purchase the Kudo Snore mouth piece in a store? or is it just avaliable on line?


Casey, Kudo SnoreFighter Mouthpiece is not available in local store. you can purchase it on line.

Credit cards, debit cards, eChecks, checks, money orders are accepted. you can contact Kudo for details.




I am new MBA student at University OF South Florida and just arrive to Tampa on August 6, 2010. I have snoring problem and really want to buy your product. The only problem is that I do not have yet credit card to make payment, because I have cash and will not allowed to make credit card before I attend class orientation on August 14, 2010.
Can you give me solution if I want to buy it using cash on delivery at Tampa ?
Thank you for kindly assistance,

Best Regards,




Mastercard or Visa card from foreign country is acceptable. otherwise please go to your local US postal office to buy a Money Order with correct amount of fund ($40.95 for one Snorefighter mouth piece, $61.95 for two) and specify the model of the mouthpiece (for nasal or mouth breathers) and mail them to the address below. We will ship your item as soon as the fund is clear.

PO Box 630
North Branford, CT 06471



I just got my "mouth breather" devices.
I followed the directions that came with them.

The "hole" where you are supposed to use your mouth to breathe through, closed up when I heated up the unit and took the impression of my mouth.

I don't think I can use it withouth some air holes.

I got two, but am afraid to open up the second one to customize, as the same thing is bound to happen.

Please advise.




That is the beauty of buying the package with two mouthpieces. Please try to customize the second one, only thing need to be careful is when the snoreFighter mouthpiece is sinked in hot water for custom fit, please use a slotted spatula to hold the mouthpiece in the water, do not use the tongue depressor to hold and pull it out since the mouthpiece is softened. I will send you a free replacement since the first mouthpiece is non usable.



what is the difference between the regular mouth piece and the one designed for people who breath through their mouths. Sometimes I do in fact breath through my mouth but not all the time. If i got one specially designed for breathing through my mouth would it be odd when i breath through my nose?


The NEW units between two models (for nasal, and mouth breathers) are physically the same except addition of tongue depressor for the mouth breather model, but the finished (custom fit) units will be different. The model for nasal breather simulates user's natural mouth close position (except the jaw forward extension) to gain maximum comfort. The model for mouth breathers allow user's mouth naturally open to breathe through a hole on front of the mouthpiece. If users need to breathe through both nose and mouth, the model for mouth breather is perfectly fit. The mouthpiece for mouth breather does not prevent breathe through nose. For your convenience, here is the link back to SnoreFighter site:




Need some guideance--------dont know what I need for a mouth or nose breather-anyone I can speak to?




Generally if you have dry mouth in the morning, you are mouth breather, you sleep partner may also be able to tell you if you are mouth breather. If not sure, please select the model for mouth breather. you always can ask an exchange if the mouth piece does not perfectly fit for you. the advise line is also open. please call 203-457-8734 for help.



i have tmj, periodontal disease and a very small mouth will this be a problem?

also do you have a phone number that i can pay/reach you through?



Generally, i do not recommend you use the anti snoring mouthpiece for TMJ patients because it could cause some severe pains at your jaw joints (underneath your ears). it will take few nights of use to notice the problem, and the pain could prevent you from opening your mouth and eat, some patients reported they can only eat fluid food for a day or two. I also noticed some TMJ patients do not respond the use of the mouthpieces, so it depends. you can try and if pains develop, then stop use it. return it to me for refund.

Periodontal disease generally is not an issue if custom fit properly. for small mouth, users may need to trim off the excessive material by a scissor. please note after cutting off excessive materials, a refit is required to gain maximum comfort.




I have sent back a snorefighter months ago and as of yet have heard nothing. This mouthpiece was not effective at helping me sleep or reduce snoring. I hope to hear back from you a.s.a.p. to resolve this. The return was made within the 60 day "unconditional return policy."




Our record indicates that a refund has been issued to your credit card on May 18, 2010 and a refund notice has been sent to you via email, please check with your credit card company. Let us know if the fund is not shown up in your credit card account. We generally take 1-2 days to process a refund after return is received. as a general rule, if you have not receive a refund notice within a week after you sent your return item, first, track your package; second, contact us (email: support@kudsnore.com, phone: 203-457-8734) if tracking indicated your item delivered; third, contact your credit card company if a refund notice is received.



will snorefighter mouthpiece fit over dentures?



The anti snoring mouthpiece generally can fit over dentures as long as it is not full denture. please understand the mouth piece will put some pressures on the front of upper and lower teeth. the upper front teeth receives backward pressures while lower front teeth receive forward pressures to reposition your jaw forward and subsequently open up air pass in your throat to prevent from snoring. If you believe your front teeth including dentures can not hold some pressures, please do not use the mouthpiece. you can also get advise from your dentist.



I would like to place an order, but need fast shipment. How can I do this?


Mike tucker



Kudo Snorefighter offers expedited shipping for $25. this is a next day or second day delivery including Saturday without additional charge.

I do not think either Puresleep or Zquiet offers for expedited shipping.




I would like to share an innovative and patented product with you guys. It's called Smart Anti-Snore Pillow.

What is Smart Anti-Snore Pillow-
It’s a high-tech anti-snore pillow with built-in sensor. It can detect snoring and then shift left and right in gentle motion. Through movement, the snorer can naturally adjust the head, neck and body position just like someone nudges the snorer to stop snoring. But our Smart Anti-Snore pillow can do much more, it not only can reduce or stop snoring right after using it, but also can improve the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea in the long run.

Why Smart Anti-Snore Pillow can reduce snoring?
During sleep, muscles relax and airways become obstructed with soft tissue. The horizontal movement of the Smart Anti-Snore pillow can open the airway and stimulate the muscles around throat area causing them to contract. Overtime, through continuous contraction, these muscles will become well toned. With firm muscles and open airway, the nightmare of snoring will be eliminated all together.

Please visit our website- www.hong-jian.com.tw for more information.

If you are interested in our product, please contact me.

Judy Shen
Hong Jian Technology Co., Ltd.
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I have been using CPAP until I had back surgery in March. Lost about 30 lbs and I think I sleep well but follow up tests revealed I still had moderate obstructive sleep apnea(20 episodes an hour). I am very claustrophobic and do not like CPAP at all. It was suggested by my pulmonologist that I purchase SnorBan. I found your website. Your product is slightly more expensive. You also differentiate between nasal and mouth breathers. I do both. What is the difference in the two mouth pieces?

Thank you


Not sure how much of my sleep is done with nose btreathing or mouth breathing. My wife tells me that my mouth is open when I snore so I presume I breathe thru the mouth then. However, when I start to sleep I know I am breathing through my nose. The question I have is how different are snorefighter for nose breathers, mouth breathers or the universal mouthpiece? I hate to get anything universal because these things, in general, work somewhat with either case but does not necessarily do the best job for each case. More specifically do these different products require different fitting regimens? How are they different. Your answers are most appreciated.


How do you determine what size to order? I do not see any suggestions

for size or shapes?

Thank you,


How do I know which wether I am a mouth or nose breather?

How is the Kudo device molded to fit my mouth? Is it warmed with hot water and then molded by biting down on the warm device? Please explain.


I like your anti snore mouthpiece but have so far failed to get it fitted right. I have melted and re-fit it several times to get the jaw to be far enough forward to be effective without putting too much pressure on my front teeth. So, it is deformed now. I would like to continue trying to get a good fit. I read in your return policy that you will replace it at no charge. I am happy to pay shipping. Thanks for your response.

I need a phone contact number as i prefer to order with a person. what number can i call to place my order



please call 203-457-8734 to order. our updated site will include the phone number in an easy spot to find.


Dear Kudo,

Does the mouth piece have a breathing hole in the center?



Yes, there are two breathing holes in the front of the mouthpiece for breathing through mouth.



Very good question. there are several configurations for snorefighter mouthpiece.
1. snorefighter for mouth breather. the mouth piece is open at front to allow people to open mouth for bteathe at sleep.
2. snorefighter for nasal breathers. the mouthpiece is closed, user only breathe through their nose.
3. snorefighter for nasal and mouthbreathers, the mouth piece is open to allow conbination of use of their nose and mouth to breathe at sleep.

the puresleep mouthpiece is good for nasal breathers since the front opens will clapse during custom fit process. the Zquiet will be good for mouth breathers, but may not comfort for nasal breathers.

The snorefighter for mouth breathers is a good choice. it is specifically designed for people breather though their mouth at sleep. also the zquiet is pretty good for mouth breathers.


I have a nasal blockage from an old injury so I need to breathe through my mouth.Do you have a mouthpiece that will allow this and still stop my snoring? If so which one?

I received the snorefighter 3 weeks ago and it is not preventing snoring for me. I will be sending back the 2 mouthpieces for a refund. If you wish to contact me to discuss my issues with you product, please email. I would like to speak with someone, but there is no phone number listed.
Thank you,


Hi, Huey,

Before you return the item, i want to ask you a question. have you felt the mouthpiece pulling your lower jaw forward?

if not, then the mouthpiece did not fit correctly, obviously it would be not
working for you. what you can do is to remold it. when you do so, please
intentionally keep your jaw forward so when the mouthpice cooling down, it
will pull you jaw to the proper position to open up breathing airway.

We can send you a replacement for free if needed.

Also we accept the returned item, Please send the item along with this email to the address bellow. Also please provide your email address and name, address. They should be matched with your purchasing.

PO Box 630
North Branford, CT 06471

We will issue you a refund as soon as the item arrives.


Kudo Service

is the snorefighter mouth piece open or closed ? will it put downward preasue on my jaw?

Hi, Terry,

Thank you for coming back. If you purchase two SnoreFighters today, you will get additional $10 off. this is new since we have not set up in the computer, you pay whatever the system ask, we will issue you a $10 refund. please send me an email after complete your transaction in case we forgot.

$29.95 for One, $49.95 for Two

SnoreFighter Loyal Customer Appreciations Program

As a loyal SnoreFighter user, this program can save your money for each of your new merchant. You will save $5 each time comparing to new customers. Simply use the link below to save:



Kudo Service

Please send two of the Snorefighters-Stop snoring mouthpieces
Item # 9999497.

I last ordered from you on 28 December 2009.

Please inform me how to send payment: I have forgotten.
The mouthpieces worked well: time for new ones.



Snorefighter does give repeat customer huge discount. please check with the instructions you received at your first purchase. there is a special link for repeat customers.

you can also send your request to Kudo customer services. their email:




Hi, Laura,

There are several mouthpiece varieties in today's market for snoring elimination.
1. One piece design such as the Snorefighter. The snorefighter has upper and lower channels to receive the upper and lower teeth respectively. The two channels are physically offset, intentionally make the chanel for lower jaw forward to open up the air path of the back of you throat as you mentioned in your question. Snorefighter is good for typical teeth, under bite, overbite. Snorefighter is also good for nasal breathers, mouth breathers and nasal and mouth breathers with minor changes. The snorefighter requires custom fit at your home for maximum comfort. The custom fit process is simple, everyone can do it with the instruction provided.

2.Two pieces design such as the Pure sleep. The Puresleep has tow separate upper and lower pieces to seat upper and lower teeth respectively. These two piece eventually will bond together after custom-fit process. The Puresleep functionally is same as snorefighter, but the bonding strength is not as high as the one piece structure such as Snorefighter, so generally the snorefighter has longer life. The puresleep requires custom fit at your own home.

3. One piece design without custom fit such as Zquiet. Zquiet has preset upper and lower channels to seat the upper and lower teeth respectively to reposition the lower jaw. There is no custom fit required. Zquiet is ready to use. Zquiet is only good for typical teeth, not for under bite and overbite. Zquiet is great for people need to open their mouth widely in sleep. The most complaints we have seen is the endless teeth pain. People also reports the Zquiet could cause loose teeth.



I have tried the chin strap device for several nights and have had no success with it. Please let me know how to return it and receive my refund. I expect to hear for you in a timely manner. Transaction date 5/17/2010 for $99.92.


How could one piece help? I thought the whole point was to keep the mouth shut and jaw in alignment to keep back of throat open? To do that you would need both upper and lower pieces and if they are not joined together, how will the mouth be held to the correct position?

Dear Kudo Services,

All’s I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! My husband brought the Snorefighter on vacation with us and barely snored at all!! He said that he slept really, really well and my kids and I slept well too because my husband wasn’t snoring.

Thanks so much for your product! My husband hated wearing the CPAP machine – it was very uncomfortable.

Thanks again for such a great product and great customer service!!



On 5/23/10 8:28 PM, "Snorefighter_Support" wrote:

Hi, Lyn,

Thanks for letting me know. please try the snorefighter before your vacation in case you have questions.


Kudo Service

----- Original Message -----

From: Lynn

To: Snorefighter_Support

Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2010 8:11 PM

Subject: Re: SnoreFighter Delivery


We rec’d it on Saturday, I’m not sure why it showed that it was returned. Thanks so much for your fast service! I hope it works for my husband so I can get some sleep!!

Thanks again!


On 5/22/10 10:12 PM, "Snorefighter_Support" wrote:

Hi, Lynn,

i have tracked your order of the snorefighter. the tracking results showed that your item has been returned to me today. i have not checked my PO Box yet. can you double check your shipping address so i can resend it to you?

I am not sure why the package is returned to sender. I go to East Hartford every day, if the shipping address has problem, we can meet somewhere for your item.


Kudo Service

Is Snorefighter the same device as shown on the ZQuiet Ad on TV? Just wondering since it's called something different on your site.

Do you have any more reviews available or a link to take me to more?

I want to get this for my husband for father's day because he might have sleep apnea and I'd like to read more reviews about people who might have this same condition.

does snorefighter give discounts for repeat customers? I thought I remembered that there was a discount available for customers who've bought your motuh pieces before..

I am interested in purchasing the Snorefighter. I live in Australia. Please confirm that you do ship this product to Australia and what would be the shipping charges.

Thanks and best regards

Does Snorefighter like the puresleep requires molding to enable a perfect fit for the user or is the device usable right out of the box, similar to Zquiet? What prevents the device from separating from the teeth during sleep?

Have used my Snorefighter for approx 6 months, it's starting to wear out, I think I'm ready for a new one. How do I order a replacement? Thanks-


How is the device (snorefighter, puresleep and zquiet) fitted to my mouth?

Hi, we just ordered a mouthpiece for my husband. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea and has been trying the CPAP machine for the past 2 weeks. He finds it very uncomfortable and our family (my husband and I and two young children) are leaving next Thursday for vacation. We were wondering how long it will take for us to receive our order as we are leaving on Thursday, May 27th and really need to bring it on vacation with us so we can all sleep at night.

Thanks so much!!


Can i purchase to different types of snorefighter for the price of buying 2? Or do i have to purchase one nasal and one universal?

Hi, Katstall,

Most likely the puresleep is worn out. you can try to reheat and reshape it. if not working, you will need a repalcement.


Kudo Service


My girlfriend snores very loudly and one of the reasons why is that she ONLY breathes through her nose. But I want her to breathe through her nose AND mouth, which will reduce or eliminate the snoring.

Which KSF should I order in this case?


I have been using the Pure Sleep device for about a year & it has worked well in eliminating my snoring; however, recently I have had to stop wearing it because I have developed pain in my left jaw. Why is this pain just starting? Is the device already worn out & can I reheat & reshape it at this point?

I ordered a SnoreFighter a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be working great! I really like it, it's easy to use, etc. I have one problem, though. The mouthpiece I have has started to fall out of my mouth, like's it has started to 'deform' from where it started.

It started staying snuggly in my mouth all night, but now, it's not.

Any suggestions? I don't want to get rid of it, because I really do believe it works.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


how do i tell if i'm a mouth breather or a nose breather? how does the fitting process work? thanks

Snorefighter works great! My wife says I stop snoring! Thanks!

can i use the snorefighter or puresleep or zquiet if i have dentures

I have mild apnea and have some polyps in my sinuses. I probably sleep with my mouth open, but don't have dry mouth. Should I use the Kudo universal mothpiece?
thanks, Gregg

Hi, TJ,

if you have used the Puresleep, it is a two pieces device which will pull you lower jaw forward during sleep. similar to Puresleep, The Snorefighter is a single piece mouthpiece to repositioning your lower jaw to foraward to open up the breathing airway to eliminate your snoring.
they both require custom fit. let me know if this is clear for you. thanks

to seee Puresleep:


for Snorefighter:



i was wondering if this snorfighter is the same as pure sleep?


My brother gave me a Kudo Snorfighter but he could not find the manual on how to use it. where i can find an instruction manual?. As I would very much like to try it and see if it helps my snoring.

I purchased the snorefighter first time I had messed up the set up and there was no opening left so I could not breath through the mouth at all. I was starting to choke because I could not breath at all from my mouth. The opening that the tongue compressor goes in was completely closed and when I tried to open it the decive ripped apart.

I got a free replacement from Kudo, and carefully keep the hole in the front open. it works great. Thanks

I recently purchased a snorefighter and it working great but during the molding the airhole collapsed and was not allowing me to breath properly I was wanting to know if I could get a replacement to try again. Kudo sent me replacement for free. Their service is great. recommended.

Could anyone tell me the difference between the snorefighter and puresleep mouthpieces?


How do you know if you are a mouth or nose sleeper?


1. the snorefighter is not designed to treat sleep apnea simply because sleep apnea is considered a disease and only doctor can help on that.
2. the Snorefighter does help to relief sleep apnea symptom
3. the snorefighter is not a replacement of CPAP machine i suggest you try the snorefighter, i believe it will help you to reduce snoring. if not, simply send it back to Snorefighter , They will issue you a full refund. make sure talk to your doctor if you are reducing usage of your CPAP machine even the snorefight does work for you.


I have sleep apnea. Is Snorefighter safe to use?

I have been having problems snoring for a long time. So I've been doing some research online and everything I've learned has been so helpful in these comments. Anyway, the last 3 nights I my girlfriend told me I haven't been snoring anymore and I was just following fairly simple guidelines that help to prevent me from snoring. Here is the article I read that had some more good tips:


I have not stopped or slowed with my snoring. It seems like I snore in my chest area. Any ideas?

I just received a snorefighter for mouth breathers, but immediately messed up the fitting process. I am pretty mad at myself for not following the directions exactly. I would like to order a replacement and asking for a discount. You know what, Snorefoghter told me that they would send me a replacement for free. I got a shipping track number just few hours later, and waiting for the mouthpiece coming. Excellent services from Snorefighter. Thanks


please review the return processes i posted on March 4, 2010. here is a summary.
For SnoreFighter, please send your items along with the purchase information to the address bellow:

PO Box 630
North Branford, CT 06471

This address is open to all SnoreFighter customers for return items.

For Puresleep, please call 866-879-3777 for authorizations and instructions.

For ZQuiet, please contact 800-281-0543.



The mouthpiece did not work for me I still snore how do I send it back for a full refund?

After trying Snorefighter for a few days, I find the Regular Mouthpiece to be comfortable and works as advertised. However, I find (for me) the Special Mouthpiece, for breathing through mouth, pinches closed and irritates the tip of my tongue. I requested an exchange the Special for another Regular, and got response within a hour. That was great. thanks Snorefighter.

I purchased a kudo device on March 1, shipping was very quick. it still works. thanks, Chris

I returned the pure sleep. It works great when it stays in my mouth, but I sleep with my mouth very wide open and it constantly falls out during the night. Any other mouthpiece can stay within my mouth without fall off? Thanks

number to order by phone for snorefighter???

I was diagnosed with mild/moderate apnea years ago. I also had surgery but still snore. What is the best device under these circumstances? Snorefighter, Pure sleep or zquiet? my doctor wants me to try the mouthpiece first to see if it works for me, if not he said i have to use CPAP.

I purchased the RIP snore brand in the past from a supplier in San Francisco. Recently I have switched to Snorefighter for a better price. it comes out good. Works well for me.

I purchased a Kudo Snorefighter on January 19, 2009. I did not help my problem. I returned the item and got full refund quickly, no question asked. I guess I am one of the 5-10%.



For KSF or SnoreFighter, please contact Kudo via email any time, 24 - 7, within 60 day guarantee period.


they will send you a RMA number and return address. in the case you do not want to wait or do not get a response within the time you expect, please send your item along with the purchase information, such as your name, email address, purchase date and transaction ID directly to the address bellow:

PO Box 630
North Branford, CT 06471

As soon as the returned item arrives, they will issue you a refund. generally the refund will be issued back to your credit card. There is no worry, no hassle for you. you will get refund quick and easy.

SnoreFighter wants you know that if the mouthpiece does not work for you or you do not like the product, you are not only have the right to get your money back, but also getting the money back quick and easy.

for Puresleep, please contact puresleep Monday to Friday by:

phone: (866) 879-3777
please expect some painful process and restrictions. also remember to contact puresleep within 30 day guarantee period. you can find detail return policy from pure sleep website:

for zquiet, again only phone call is available for return. 800-281-0543. need to be within 30 days. please read zquiet return policy carefully from their website:

thanks, Kudo


currently KSF mouthpieces are not available to place an order over the phone. please order them online.


for puresleep, you can place your order over the phone or online



for zquiet:


thanks, Kudo


the basic difference between a regular mouthpiece and special one for mouth breathers is that the special one for mouth breathers has a breathing hole on the front of the device to allow breathing through at sleep. there are also some minor differences.

there are also other type of mouthpieces available. they are:
1. SnoreFighters for nasal beathers
2. SnoreFighters for mouth breathers
3. SnoreFighters for nasal and mouth breathers
4. SnoreFighter for who does not know if a mouth or nose breathers.

please visit the website for details


thanks, Kudo

If i order this how do i return it? There is no information on the site for a number to call or procedure with return authoriztiona number mentioned.

What phone number do i call to place an order over the phone?

What is the difference between the regular mouthpiece and the breath the the mouth one?

I recently purchased a Kudo Snorefighter; however, I didn't performed the fitting correctly. I didn't had my lower jaw forward enough because I still snored the next two nights. I also bit down too hard and crushed the hole for breathing and where the tongue depressor fits. I really like this product and asked for a replacement. Kudo sent me another one for free the same day i asked. I tried the Zquiet (it did work), but it made my lower teeth visibly loose. The snorefighter is much more comfortable and works after i fixed the fitting mistake.

I have just ordered a Kudo mandibular device. i will share the results with you guys.

I just bought and received two Kudos Snorefighters. I started off with one for mouth breathers. During the boiling/fitting process, the stick fell out, the hole close up, and as I attempted to fix it, it all stuck together. I was pissed. So, I thought that I would fit the second one that is not designed for mouth breathers. There are slots, not holes, so I decided to make the slots holes for mouth breathing. That didn't work at all. So here I sit, having spent $50 + shipping and have nothing to show for it. I didn't know how far to push the stick into the hole so I just inserted it a short ways. When it came out, it screwed up the entire process. Then by trying to fix it and open up the hole in the second one, that didn't work either.

Contacted snorefighter, got two free replacement, carefully following the instructions. it come out good. snore problem fixed. lesson learned, follow the instruction at the first time.



Jaw pain is not a good sign, but need to understand clearly what exactly pain.
if the pain is from the jaw joint, right underneath your left ear, which means you may have TMD (temporomandibular disorder) problem. that is a mechanical problem with your jaw joint. you should let your doctor know. myself has the TMD, genrally it start getting pain after a week. if this is the case for you, stop use the mouthpiece. after you back to normal, you may try to remold the mouthpiece and try less offset of your jaw to find a balance point.

if you are reference to the pain on teeth, that will be much easier. possibly you did not mold the mouthpiece properly and give too much pressure on few teeth, you can simply remold the mpouthpiece and make the mouthpiece tight to your teeth.

please let me know if this helps. if you continue experience the problem, we will issue you refund. but talk with your doctor always a good idea.


I love the Kudo Snorefighter - it has almost completely eliminated my snoring and my husband is so happy. However, I have had significant jaw pain on my left side, since using the Snorefighter. Do you have any suggestions for how to alleviate the pain? Thanks. Dee

I tried snorefighter, it not working for me, but i got my refund easily. no hassle.

my pure sleep is little loose now. can I re-shape it?

I have been trying to use the puresleep mouth guard since the end of December.
My mouth keeps falling open while sleeping and the puresleep falls out of my mouth, waking me and or I continue to snore. I have tried re-heating and refitting the device three times now, and the device will not fit tight enoufgh to keep my mouth shut. Needless to say, after three heating the device is a mess and unusable.

How do I go about buying a replacement for $29.95? I don't see that option on the kudosnore website.

how do i buy a pure sleep or zquiet from France? i called, they do not ship to France.

Speaking of Z Quiet, they should call their company and their product Z Rip Off!

ZQuiet is a piece of crap, hard, ill fitting, useless. The company's customer service sucks too. Tell everyone you know that it is a giant rip off.

I purchased a ZQuiet. It is an ill fitting over priced piece of crap. I kept trying to use it. but it is so hard and poorly shaped that I gave up trying to use it. I called for an RA and was told that I was past the 30 day warranty and therefore was out $60. What a rip off. This company totally sucks. Please tell everyone you know not to do business with this company, that's what I am doing!

I just received the snorefighter stop snoring mouthpiece, One regular and one special. There are no instructions, or anything written at all. They told me that was a shipping error, so they sent me the instructions right away, mean time, they created a online instruction for me to down load. i like their services. Winston

I have both upper and lower partials will snorefighter or pure sleep work with them. I don't know if I breath thru my nose or mouth when asleep. Which one would I order?

When I molded the snorefighter device the breathing hole colapsed not alowing air to pass through. I followed the directions completly as writen. Any suggestions? It seems to be comfortable and working, but I'm afraid of suffocating during sleep.

I purchased the snorefighter mouthpiece devices. I had trouble molding the first one but luckily I bought two.
I used it for the first time last night and this morning my wife told me i was quiet last night. Wow, what a relieve for a long time. Also Kudo will send me a replacement for the damaged one for free. excellent services.


i just ordered a mouth piece from Snorefighter, but hopefully the snorefighter is similar with the one from puresleep. i loved the puresleep but my little dog chewed part of it up.

I would like to purchase two snorefighters but I DO NOT want to use PayPal. The website would not permit me to pay by my card alone. It kept linking me to my PayPal information. Finally i got through under Kudo's help. they created an instruction for me. job well done. they said it is ok to share the instruction to everyone. here is the link to the instruction.


I just ordered the pure sleep mouthpiece and hopefully it will be stopping my snore.

snorban.co.uk they are selling the snoring mouthpiece for GBP45.

6-8 weeks ago, I paid for the 2 piece mouth breathing and snore stopping devices from kudo snore fighter. and I had yet to receive them. it appears the package is lost in transportation. i contacted Kudo, they sent me two replacement immediately for free. it is great working with kudo, recommended.

I bought the snorefighter and for two months it seemed to work great. Subsequently it has not worked at all. While I was waiting for the replacement, I remolded the mouthpiece because the instruction says it can be molded up to three times, i was surprised the effectiveness of the snorefighter was resumed. Here I Just want to share this experience to all to save your bucks.


I have purchased and used kudo snore mouth piece. It is an excellent product that works better than anything else I've tried. My wife is happy and I feel fresher in the morning. I used to experience some headache in the morning. Now it is gone. I want to thank Kudo for the excellent product and fast services.


What is the difference between the regular and the special other than you can use it for open mouth and nose breathing? Why would you want the two piece regular or the regular and special one. Do you only use one of them at a time? any differences between snore fighter and pure sleep? Thank's

I purchased two of the pure sleeps about 2-3 weeks ago and have been using them at night to sleep with. My wife says that it hasn't improved my snoring and I don't know what to do about it. I followed the instructions for fitting the mouthpiece. It seems like my mouth is full. I salavate a lot while it is in my mouth. I know that I can breathe through the mouthpiece but I still snore. I don't hear myself but my wife says I snore still. Any suggestions for me about what to do?


How do you know which mouth piece would be more beneficial to your needs? i.e. Puresleep, Zquiet or snorefighter? should I use regular mouth piece or the special breathing through mouth piece?

Thanks for your help.


Hi, Phyllis

there are two configuration of mouthpieces

1. The normal mouthpiece for people breathing through nose. by wearing this device, you will sleep as normal, you can close your mouth during sleep.
2. The special one for people breathing through mouth or both mouth and nose, with this device, you can patially open your mouth to breathe, meanwhile, you can still breathing through your nose.




Hi, Rox,

it is depends on the size, number and location of your denture. if you only have one denture for one or two teeth, and they are not in the front teeth, you will be ok and you do not have to remove your denture to use the snorefighter. but it has to be very careful to use. Generally we do not recommend the mouthpiece for people with dentures.



i am not sure your "retainer" means. genrally if You have full dentures and undergoing orthodontic treatment, any mouthpiece is not for you. also if you have TMJ, you should not wear it. but someone has TMJ problem saying it actually help them. i personally have TMJ and it made me worse (Joint pain).



I am interested to purchase Pure Sleep mouthpieces with discount price, i have used it for a while, but $68 appears too much for me. anywhere other than www.puresleep.com? thanks a bunch.



Generally the space between the upper and lower pieces will dispear after molding for pure sleep, so it will not allow you breathing through mouth.

the Snorefighter offers two configuratons, one is normall mouthpiece for people breathing through nose, another is a special one for breathing through mouth or both mouth and nose. If you are not sure breathing through mouth or nose, please select special one for breathing through mouth.

if pure sleep works for you, the Snorefighter will certainly work for you too. one advantage of snorefighter is the reliability. it will last longer than pure sleep.




If I order a Kudo appliance for the mouth, does that mean it would be difficult or impossible to breath through my nose? thanks

Pure Sleep mouthpiece is great, i have been using pure sleep over a year, I took the mouthpiece with me even i was traveling. pure sleep is highly recommended from me.

What if I have a partial upper denture? Do I have to remove the denture to use snorefighter?

I am currently using a pure sleep. I want to get an extra and found your site. The pure sleep has a space between the pieces. Does this mean I want the breath through mouth or breath through nose?
Thanks, Mike

Can any of these mouthpieces be worn with retainers (top and bottom)? Do they have a negative impact on TMJ? which one is better, pure sleep or snorefighter?

I used to use the pure sleep device for over a year and it works well for me. It has worn out over time. With Kudo snorefighter, anyone please help me, how do I know which one to get? I breathe through my mouth and nose.


1. tests show there is no significant reliability differences between the KSF regular and special mouthpieces. in another word that their life is about same. ~6-12 months
2. the special one allows you keep the breathing hole in the front of mouthpiece.
3. the instruction to custom fit is slightly different.
4. there is no other differences.



For KSF - Kudo Snorefighter,

Is there a difference in the life expectancy of the normal appliance compared to the breathing through the mouth appliance? Are there any other differences between these two appliances?


I ordered a Kudo Snorefighter, the mouthpiece for nasal breathers. After i used it, found i am a mouth and nasal combined breather. Kudo sent me a replacement immediately without charges. The snorefighter works great. we are very happy with the product. highly recommended. Great products, excellent services.


Flicia Gunter

I have had the pure sleep device for over a year and it works well for me. It seems to have worn out over time. Recently I switched to Kudo snorefighter. It appears working better since I breathe through my mouth and nose. The website is not clear, but just share with you, Kudo instructed me to select the special one for breathing through mouth.

Thanks, Wallace

My snoring was so loud and persistent I could no longer sleep in the same room with my wife. She did the internet research and bought the Kudo Snorefighter for me. The custom fit process was easy and the device has amazing results for me. The Kudo Snorefighter completely eliminated my snoring. My wife and I are now able to sleep thru the night without interuption from snoring. The custom fit device is comfortable and causes no problems to my gums or jaw. Try the Kudo Snorefighter first...it works! Rex

KSF works well. Thanks a lot


The snorefighter works well. Fair price. Quick Shipping.


How does snoremenders compare to snorefighter,ripsnore or pure sleep.?

Snoremender claims you can mold it if you need too.
They also say it can be remolded maney times it will also go back to its normal shape by just putting it in 160 degree water for30 seconds.
Has any tried snoremender? zquiet does not say you can make any adjustments.
Thanks, mark

I am looking forward to trying pure sleep or snorefighter. what are the differences between those two mouthpieces? It appears pure sleep is more expensive, is it also better or just a brand name. please advise. any input is appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

received KSF mouthpiece quickly, decided it was not for me. got refund no problem. thanks.


what is the difference between the regular mouthpiece and the special for breathing thru mouth, mouthpiece. I would like to know this before I purchase the Kudo.

Also does pure sleep mouthpiece allow breathing thru mouth? thanks

I have tried both Pure Sleep and Kudo Snorefighter. Pure Sleep works well but does not last. You must get the mold right the first time or else it breaks down the more times you need to redo the molding process.

Its design in being a 2 piece unit allows for an offsetting of the upper and lower jaw--which is the key to keeping the airway open.

I wore out the Pure Sleep and decided to try the KSF (kudo snorefighter) since it was cheaper. As i expected, WOW, the unit works exactly the same as pure sleep. the difference is that the KSF is an 1 piece unit vs. two pieces of Pure Sleep. Also KSF relies on you to hold your lower jaw forward during the molding process - which is the key for success. After custom fit, it works like Pure Sleep, the unit offsets your jaw and retains your jaw's position to keeping the airway open.


How long is the Pure Sleep good for? What is the cost when a replacement is needed? can the Pure Sleep be replaced with Kudo Snorefighter? i noticed that kudo is cheaper. please advise. i snore badly.


Primo! Great Product Quick Delivery, Snorefighter Works Great for me Thanks AAA+++


I am a dental hygienist who is organizing a dental health fair for Feb. 27, 2010. I am looking for a company to donate an anti snore device so we can display it along with educational information. We would then have a drawing at the end of the fair for someone to win it. I am writing to see if you would be willing to donate a Kudo and send pamphlet information and ordering information for us to hand out? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Monica Parks, RDH

I purchased the Kudo Snorefighter for my husband and he started using it Oct. 19. Firstly, it was the fastest shipping I have ever seen. Secondly, WOW!! I am overwhelmed with how well this device works! I had my doubts, but I am amazed!
Thanks a lot.

Sandra Williamsen

The kudo snorefighter site states that this is 'custom fit' but does not explain how the custoim fitting takes place. Must this be sent back after received? Does it automatically custom fit to the users teeth? any ideas?.

Hi, what is the process to get refund from puresleep? if puresleep doesn't work, would I still get a refund or is it only for damaged or defective products?
thanks alot


Good day, I am being told that I should not breath through my mouth and that I snore a lot. It is causing me a lot of issues with my fiance. I have tried strips sprays pillows and changing positions, nothing is working.

I asked Kudo to recommend a product that potentially working for me, they suggest me give snorefighter a try. i was amazed. it was right at first night, my snoring stopped. i am happy, my fiance is happy. Thanks a lot.


I just received snorefighter mouthpieces. I used one last night. I ordered the special that is made to be able to breath thru. It appears working better than pure sleep. I were not getting enough air through the pure sleep device, but the snorefighter is much better. I am breathing thru the hole in the front of the mouthpiece. both snorefighter and pure sleep are able to stop my snoring. Thanks,


For snorefighter, what is breathe by mouth mouthpeice?
how long does it last?
can it be washed by toothbrush?

Ali S.



The snorefighter anti snoring mouthpiece has two configurations:

1. Normal one, designed for people normally their mouths are closed and breathe by their nose during sleep.

2. Special one, is for whom breathe by their mouths while sleeping. The breathe hole on the snoring mouthpiece must remain open during custom fit process.

many snoring mouth pieces from other suppliers do not have this option and could waste your money. so it is important to specify which configuration you want during check out. if you are not sure which one, for on the safe side, please select special one.

The snorefighter mouthpieces generally last about 6 - 12 months depends on the users (such as grinding teeth will reduce the life of the devices).

the mouthpieces can certainly be washed by toothbrush. the devices are very easy to clean and reuse.



I am interested in purchasing the kudo snore piece.
I have severe sleep apnea & was using my cpac machine every night.
I have lost some weight & I am improving & now use my machine about 3 times a week but snore very heavily when I do not use the cpac & when I am in a deep sleep.
On your website it has a "warning" not in tented to treat sleep apnea.
Then on the other hand you have several doctors approving & saying how it improved apnea patients.
I am a little confused......... what do you suggest in my case?

Thank you for your time

Alex, Malaillic



Sorry for the confusion.
1. the snorefighter is not designed to treat sleep apnea simply because sleep apnea is considered a disease and only doctor can help on that.
2. the Snorefighter does help to relief sleep apnea symptom
3. the snorefighter is not a replacement of CPAP machine

i suggest you try the snorefighter, i believe it will help you to reduce snoring. if not, simply send it back to me , i will issue you a full refund. make sure talk to your doctor if you are reducing usage of your CPAP machine.


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Kirt, Sorry for back to you late.

Genreally the pure sleep mouthpiece can be remolded up to two times (total of three from new). so if you have not use it much, you should be able to remold it.

I have posted the custom fit procedures on 9/19/09 on this site. although it is for the Snorefighter, but it will be good for pure sleep as well. if 10-15 seconds does not soften the pure sleep, please try little bit longer.



I am interesting in the snorefighter, but have some questions

1. How long does the snorefighter last?
2. What is your lifetime service?
3. How does your unit compare with R.I.P snore? (both units seem almost the same ).
4. What is the difference of the reg . mouth piece or the one that lets you breath by mouth?
5. Which one (snorefighter and ripsnore) of the two works better and why?
6. Are there any discounts for reorders when the systems wears out? what does it cost for a replacement?
7. Is there an advantage to get the one that let you breath from your mouth? Not sure what I need yet.Mouth or noise type.
8. Is there a blow hole in the device?

Thanks, Mark



1. Generally, both A snorefighter snoring mouthpiece lasts about 6-12 months of night useage. also the condition of teeth is a factor.
2. Snorefighter provides 60 day money back guarrantee services, within 60 days if you are not happy with the device, you will get full refund.
3. I believe the Snorefighter is better. based on Kudo's test and experience, the snorefighter allows the material custom-fit to your teeth and gum, so that the device won't fall off from your mouth while sleeping. Snorefighter and Ripsnore are similar, but all about the details.
4. The regular snorefighter mouthpiece is for people breathing through nose while sleeping. the special is for breathing through mouth. please specify while purchase. The Ripsnore and Puresleep do not offer this option.
5. the theory of stopping snoring is same for both snorefighter and ripsnore, but the detailing designs are different, snorefighter gives more confort and reliable. it also allow you to remold if the device start to loose after few months usage.
6. For returned customers, the snorefighter offers a $5 off discount. the price will remain $29.95/each.
7. If you are not sure breathing though mouth or nosal, please purchase the special one for breathing thru nose.
8. the special designed mouthpiece has a hole in the middle of the device.




please my name is Alex Blackwell. Recently i purchased a Kudo snoring relief device..just received yesterday....followed the custom fit instructions for adjust the device to my mouth and the middle hole closes and is no way to make the hole back ,the mouthpiece is unnusable. my dentist recommends this mouth piece to me and told me they have guaranteed services and let you guys know my problem...

Alex Blackwell.


Thank you for your purchasing

1. if you do not breathe by your mouth, then the breathe hole is not necessary. most people just simply block it to increase comfort (because they normally close their mouth)
2. if you breathe by your mouth, then you will need to leave the hole open. please let me know so i can send you another one
3. The reason I sent you a regular instruction was you have specified the regular mouthpiece when placed your purchase.

also thanks your dentist's recommendation. we will do everything we can to have your snore killed.

Thanks again,


cure my snoring review

Any comments on Cure My Snoring anti snoring mouthpiece?
please share your experiences. Thanks

customer ratings on ripsnore

Ripsnore users, please comment on ripsnore. Few viewers of this site have asked me several times of ratings or complains about ripsnore anti snoring mouthpiece. Thanks

"Puresleep" and flexible spending account (FSA)

Was curious to find out if the Snorefighter anti snoring mouthpiece is FSA eligible? I am currently enrolled in a flexible spending account through my employer.

I have searched the Flexible Spending Account websites and unable to identify any snoring items are eligible for FSA. Here are what i found:

1. Dental products (for treatment of a dental condition and/or general health) are not eligible

2. Occlusal guards to prevent teeth grinding are eligible

3. Over-the-counter products for general dental care are not eligible

Here is the website i found (the link may not clickable, please copy it to your web browser):


But, nothing to lose for a try. maybe some day, when more and more people asks, the anti snoring products will be in the list of FSA.



Where to buy the Pure Sleep with discount?

There are similar products in today's market can stop your snoring. such as:

Snorefighter $34.95/each, $49.95 for two

Ripsnore $67.95 for two

ZQuiet $59.95/each

Somnoguard classic $65/each
Somnoguard ap $170/each

Puresleep $67.95/each

The reason for the Pure Sleep or Somnoguard sell for higher price is the premium. The buyers are paying for advertising and commercials. Another driver of the higher price is the fancy packaging. Their selling price can not be reduced because their cost. So the buyer did not get what they paid for.

I purchased the Kudo Snorefighter. It arrived quickly. I was a little confused with the instructions as to which to follow. Finally realized the first instruction didn't leave a hole in the mouth devise. I didn't know if I breathe through my mouth or nose. Husband told me mouth. Molding worked well, and it seemed to fit fine. Unfortunately hubby said he could still hear me snoring. Kudo sent a refund immediately for the product. I highly recommend you try this since their service is so good you have nothing to loose and hopefully you will be one of the 80% it works great for.

Julie Randolph


Little bit more than a year ago, I purchased a Pure Sleep mouthpiece. I have not used it frequently. recently I needed to use it so i can sleep on my back. The pure sleep worked fine for a few days but now is slipping off my upper teeth after a couple of hours of use. I no longer have my instruction sheet and do not know what I am able to do to resolve the problem. Please provide me with a copy of the instruction sheet or a suggestion as to how to adjust the upper mouthpiece. Do I need to buy a new mouthpiece?

Thank you,

Kirk Schaffer

How To Order Kudo Snorefighter online?

Here is the link to seller's website:


you can type or copy it into your web browser to the site.

There is a pull down manual to allow you select the quantity and features, then click the "ADD TO SHOPPING BAG" to check out.

In the check out page, you are still allowed to change quantities by typing in the new quantity and click " update cart". when you are ready, press button " Proceed to checkout".

In the checkout page, you have options to pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

I have created a quick checkout procedure. you can find it from the link below:


Please let me know if this helps. thanks


I want two of your Kudo Snore Fighters, (breathing through the mouth type). I do not see a place to order on this website.

The answers to Thomas Cannito's question of "What do you do to get the Snorefighter post custom fit?"

I have posted the custom fit procedure in an earlier time and copied here again for your convenience.

How Snorefighter Custom Molding To Your Mouth, Teeth, And Jaw?

The Snorefighter is designed to have upper and lower U-shape channels to provide alignment for the average imperfect aligned jaws. Most people's lower jaws are slightly backward of their upper teeth when their mouths are closed. If this is the way of your bite, the notched or labeled as "TOP" side of the anti snore mouthpiece should be positioned facing up towards the upper teeth of your mouth.

Some people's lower Teeth extend in front of their upper teeth when their mouths are closed. Please contact sellers of Snorefighter for special instruction.

Step 1
Place your Snorefighter in your mouth. Unlike standard sports mouthguard, you will notice that Snorefighter almost covers your entire upper and lower teeth. If the Snorefighter is too big and creating discomfort, you can simply trim off the excessive materials by sharp scissors.

Step 2

Practice few times, you will notice that your jaw wil be pulled forward to have lower teeth align up with upper teeth.

Step 3
Immerse Snorefighter anti snoring mouthpiece into boiled hot water for 10-15 seconds, then remove from water and gentlely shake water off from soften Snorefighter.For first time user, it is a good practice to immerse snorefighter into boiled water for a shorter time (recommend for 10 seconds each small step) and break down to few smaller steps.

Step 4
Immediately place your Snorefighter mouthpiece into your mouth. Make sure the notch or "TOP" label face up and fit into you upper teeth. Work in front of a mirror, make sure the Snorefighter mouthpiece is Centered in your mouth.

Step 5
Bite down firmly and evenly, make sure to align up your upper and lower teeth, also not bite through

Step 6
Use your tongue to push inner walls of Snorefighter to against your upper and lower teeth.

Step 7

Use your fingers to push outer walls of Snorefighter to make a custom fit with your teeth.

Your Snorefighter mouthpiece is now custom-fit to your gum and teeth. Please repeat step 3 to 7 if necessary until Snorefighter fit with your teeth tightly.



Snore Mouth Piece Hurts My Jaw. What happened?

One of viewer asked this question today. he did not specify which brand mouthpiece hurts his jaw. but generally two reasons:

1. He has TMD (temporomandibular disorder) problem. in another word, his jaw has a mechanical problem. it is a problem when you open your mouth bigger, you will hear a click from your jaw joints which are underneath of you ears. even without the mouthpiece, if he clicks his jaw few times, next morning, he will have difficulty to open his mouth. normally, after a few hours, the jaw will back to normal. for the people with TMD problem. it is not recommended to use anti snoring mouthpiece regardless which brand name. the Snorefighter has a warning in their website. here is the link to the webite:


even others does not have a warning, such as ZQuiet, Pure Sleep, Ripsnore, Somnoguard. but should be caution to use any mouthpiece with TMD problem.

2. The mouthpiece does not fit well with your teeth, gum and tongue. ZQuiet does not require custom fit. so many jaw and teeth pain complains come from ZQuiet. for others such as Snorefighter, Puresleep, Ripsnore, Somnoguard, require custom fit. the cause of jaw pains most likely because of improper custom fit. so follow the procedures of molding is essential. Luckily Snorefighter offers free replacement if your first one is messed up due to molding. for more information please visit:


please let me know if this helps. thanks

What do you do to get the Snorefighter post custom fit?

Thomas Cannito

I have had a sleep study and been to an ear, nose , and throat doctor and was told I snore but I do not have a sleep disorder. The doctor told me to have my wife wear earplugs. My wife slept in a different room with both doors closed. I purchased the snorefighter and my wife has slept with me every night since. I even feel better, I now get a good nights sleep without waking myself up. When I travel alone I take the snorefighter with me. My wife and I think this thing is great. Thanks

Dan Chambers

difference between kudo snore fighter regular and special?

Recently Kudo Snorefighter starts to specify the regular and special anti snoring mouthpieces.

The reguler ones are for normal snorers who normally breathe by nose not mouth while sleeping.

The specials are for who breate by mouth while in sleeping.

the structures of the mouthpiece are little difference. the special ones have holes allowing breath through by mouth.

Any issues with Pure sleep products?

Another site viewer brought this question up. thanks for your comments

Does the Pure Sleep causes jaw pain for long term use? Pure Sleep hurts my teeth, what's happened?

Several viewers of this website asked the questions.

1. Generally, if you have TMD (temporomandibular disorder) problem, the Pure Sleep mouthpiece may be not for you. The TMD is also called TMJ (Temporomandibular joint ) disorder. It is a problem or symptom of the chewing muscles and joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. The pains occur just in front of your ears. Since the Pure Sleep mouthpiece intends to pull your lower jaw slightly forward which will subsequently relocate your jaw joint connections with your skull. If the cause of your TMD is not teeth grinding, the Pure Sleep will make your TMD even worse. Therefore, generally i do nor recommend to use Pure Sleep mouth piece if you have TMD problem.

2. A bad custom fit mouthpiece could easily causes pains and hurts your teeth. A good mouthpiece custom fit is essential for success of stop of snoring and comfort. What is success criteria for custom fit?

1) After custom fit, you will feel your lower jaw pulled forward.

2) The mouthpiece not fall off. It can stay with either upper or lower teeth

3) The mouth piece is beautifully even. The teeth guard out side walls are thin and even, the member between the upper and lower teeth is not too thick.

4) It covers whole teeth, especially your front teeth, make sure the material reaches your gum to create dip channels to protect your teeth.

5) When wear your mouth piece, you are not free to move your jaw either forward or lateral.

3. The fundamental failure of the Pure Sleep is the two pieces design. It allows your lower jaw movement after custom fit, which could relocate your lower jaw's position during sleep. The new position generally is not your comfort position and leads to jaw or teeth/gum pains. That's why i do not like any two pieces design, one piece mouth piece is still the best and most reliable classic design for stopping snoring.

4. The pure sleep mouthpiece does not have enough materials to create dip enough channels for teeth to fit. your teeth can easily move around in the mouthpiece channels to reduce effectiveness of snoring and most important it could cause jaw, teeth and gum pains.

What i recommend? you bet, the one piece long time proven classic design - Snorefighter

For more details, please visit Snorefighter website:


Thanks, hopefully this information is useful for you.


Does the Ripsnore really Work?

The Ripsnore is a single peice anti snoring device. what Ripsnore does is to pull your jaw slightly forward to open up breath air pass to allow air move freely, subsequently eliminate snoring.

The Ripsnore does not work for everyone, so how do you know the Ripsnore works for you?

Basically i will ask you try this simple test, you should quickly know if the Ripsnore is right for you.

1, Close your mouth and try to snore, for most people you can snore like a bear.

2, Close your mouth and move your jaw slightly forward to line up your lower and upper teeth, then try to snore.

Are still snoring? yes? most likely the Ripsnore will work for you. Otherwise no need to try any other anti snoring mouthpiece. All they do the same thing

Please let me know if this helps. thanks


ZQuiet loose teeth?

i got one more report today that loose teeth occur by ZQuiet. As i and Max mentioned earlier that due to Zquiet non-custom-fit design, the mouthpiece is hard to perfectly match with your teeth and creating concentration pressure on your teeth which causes pains and loose teeth.

Generally Zquiet works for most of snorers, but for long term, the it may hurt your teeth. i still recommend to use custom fit mouthpiece to solve your snoring problem.

Kudo Snorefighter is a single piece robust mouthpiece. it requires simple custom fit molding so the mouthpiece will perfectly fit your teeth, gums, tongue in your mouth. The Kudo mouthpiece rarely cause teeth pains, for most of people, you won't feel it exist during sleep. i have not heard any report complain about it.

Other good choice is the Pure Sleep. It does the same thing as Kudo Snorefighter. The disadvantage for Pure Sleep is the durability. The Pure Sleep is not last as long as Kudo Snorefighter due to the split design (two piece device). Generally after a month or two of usage, the mouthpiece will need to be remolded to regain the tight fit. The Pure Sleep mouthpiece can be remolded, but it is not as good as Kudo Snorefighter. The Kudo allows few more remolding to save your time and money.

Another disadvantage of Pure Sleep is the price. One Kudo Snorefighter is for $34.95 + $4.99 shipping = Total of $39.94. Pure Sleep is asking for $59.95 + $7.95 shipping = $67.90. Why Pure Sleep charges more? because they advertise on CNN, TNT, ESPN, NBA TV, and they have a expensive packaging. The anti snoring mouthpiece won't cure your snoring, it only stops snoring. so you will need it for your rest of life, so find a better and cheaper replacement is not a bad idea.

Also some people complains about Pure Sleep's shipping charges. It is hard to believe for a first class mail for less than 10 oz package needs to charge $7.95.

Where to buy the Ripsnore?

You can purchase the Ripsnore from their website:


The Ripsnore offers 30 day money back guaranteed. you will get two Ripsnore anti snoring mouthpieces for $67. i am not sure why you need two Ripsnore mouthpieces if you are a first time buyer. you probably want to save you money just to buy one Snorefighter mouthpiece for $34.95. if you need two, snorefighter for two just for $49.95.

Where to buy Snorefighter?



You can let your husband try ZQuiet since it is simple, no custom mold needed. He may quickly find that ZQuiet works but creates some discomfort or pains on teeth. this is because the un-molded ZQuiet is not perfectly fit into his teeth, gum and tongue. But at least he will get an ideal how it is working, then he may wish to switch a mold-able Snorefighter. A molded Snorefither will perfectly fit into his teeth, gum and tongue to increase comfort and eliminate pains. thanks

The Ripsnore or Snorefighter, any differences?

Please comment. Thanks

Pure Sleep or Ripsnore, which one is better?

The Pure Sleep anti snoring mouthpiece is a little more popular one. you can see their commercial on CNN, TNT, NBA TV and ESPN. The Pure Sleep is a two pieces device which allows you to adjust the relative position of the two pieces prior molding. please note after molding, the mouthpiece will not be adjustable any more. The Ripsnore is a single piece device, the lower channel of the mouthpiece is already at forward position ( you will feel the Ripsnore mouthpiece pulls you jaw forward when you wear a new mouthpiece before it custom fit. that will be the jaw position needed to stop snoring) Other than this, i really do not see any differences between the Pure Sleep and Ripsnore on functionality, performance, molding process and the ability to treat the snoring.

I personally like the design of The Ripsnore because its single piece design makes me feel it lasts longer than the Pure Sleep.

Does this help?

I'm an average-sized guy that recently purchased the zQuiet just over a month ago. I've tried other mouth pieces that you custom mold with boiling water like Pure Sleep and SnoreFighter (more on those later.)

I thought I'd give zQuiet a try because zQuiet claims it didn't need forming and they made it with the jaw already protruding out. I guess I wanted to see their idea of how far the jaw should extend, so I forked over the $60. (zQuiet says "2 payments of $29.95." That's a tired marketing trick to make it seem cheaper, so points off for that. Also, zQuiet charges $7.95 for shipping within the U.S. which is completely over-priced. The whole package itself can't weigh more than 10 oz. and there is no way the USPS charges that much for that size. You could send the same package 1st class for around half of that.)

I can say that, for me, zQuite does work, but at a horrible cost. It's MAJOR drawback is that zQuiet cannot be shaped to your teeth properly. This is imperative to your comfort when sleeping. Simply put, my teeth hurt when I woke up after using the zQuiet. Now, I know zQuiet claims that this will happen but they also say that the pain will subside after a while. I've been using the zQuiet for over a month now and the pain has actually gotten worse and I believe I know why.

Since the zQuiet mouthpiece is designed to move the jaw forward, as you sleep your natural inclination is to move your jaw to it's usual place which is behind the top teeth a bit, not in front as the zQuiet mouthpiece forces you to do. While this is the point of the product (zQuiet), it's flaw is that the zQuiet mouthpiece is not molded to the teeth properly. This means you will be inadvertently moving the zQuiet mouthpiece back while sleeping, creating single point contact pressure on your top teeth. After several hours of sleep with that pressure, you WILL have pain in various parts of your teeth, depending on how you moved the mouthpiece around when you sleep. I cannot endorse zQuite because of that flaw.

I want to thank Kudo for the fast response and understanding when I explained to them that my husband would not even try the Snorefighter (although he really needs it). They have a great customer service who handled my problem very professionally. i am very satisfied.
Thanks so much for your understanding.
Virginia Young

How Long Does Zquiet Really Last?

Zquiet does not tell exactly how long, just say many months. Generally based on limited testing and user's report, it could last from 3 - 18 months. Just like teeth brush, it depends on how to use it. if some one needs move jaw forward more to open air pass, then more stress on the Zquiet mouthpiece, the life of the Zquiet mouthpiece will be shorter. if you have light snore, most likely the mouthpiece will last longer. Since Zquiet does not need custom mold fit, so structure of the mouth and teeth are also factors. Generally more stress on the mouthpiece, shorter the life due to the fatigue and wears.

Actually, if you visit a dentist, they will not recommend you to wear a mouthpiece too long. for hygienic reason, dentist wants you to replace the mouthpiece on a regular base even the mouthpiece is in good shape. 4 - 6 months is generally recommended.

This in formation is helpful? please comment. Thanks

Pure Sleep or Zquiet, which one is better?

Recently i received couple of complains about ZQuiet mouthpiece.
One is about constant pains on upper teeth. It is true that ZQuiet is more convenient to use. ZQuiet is ready to use when you receive it. For people not want to spend time to read the instructions and practice the custom fit. ZQuiet is the one you are looking for. But the disadvantage is the ZQuiet mouthpiece does not perfectly fit to everyone's mouth and teeth. As Max mentioned in his comments on ZQuiet, Jaw moving forward is pulled by the mouthpiece which is locked to upper teeth. If the mouthpiece is not perfectly fit to your teeth, which means the mouthpiece will only have few contact points with your teeth. When the ZQuiet mouthpiece pulls you jaw to forward, the mouthpiece creates pressure on your upper teeth, the pressure is concentrated on few contact points, after full night sleep, you most likely will feel pains on your upper teeth. the pains may go away or going worse.

Another complain is loosing teeth. same reason as above, if your teeth is not strong, the ZQuiet mouthpiece may lead to loose your teeth. I believe this is not happen very often because if you feel constant pains, you will most likely stop using it.

The Pure Sleep requires custom mold fit. It is a sample process, every adult can do it at your own home. Most important is the Pure Sleep mouthpiece will perfectly fit your mouth, teeth, gum and tongue. The pull pressures on your teeth will uniformly spread to every tooth, create much less pressure on each individual tooth. you will feel much more comfort and less or no pains in the morning.

This does not mean ZQuiet is a bad product. For first time user, ZQuiet is simple to use, most important is giving you an ideal how it works. When you mold Pure Sleep or Snorefighter, you know exactly what you should do.

Please let me know if this helps

Does Pure Sleep really Work?

As many other anti snoring mouthpieces, Pure Sleep works for some snorers, not for others.

How do you know Pure Sleep works for you?

Try this simple test, you will know immediately before buy Pure Sleep.

Step #1, Close your mouth (if you normally breathe by your mouth during sleep, then leave your mouth open) and try to snore, for most people you can snore like a "Joint Strike Fighter jet engine".

Step #2, Close your mouth (same as above for whom breathe by mouth) and move your jaw slightly forward to line up your lower teeth with your upper ones, then try to snore as hard as you can.

Notice the differences? If yes, most likely the Pure Sleep will work for you. Otherwise you need to try something else other than the anti snoring mouthpiecs.

Why does Pure Sleep work? Because Pure Sleep is a device designed to reposition your jaw to the forward position by a custom mold fit mouthpiece. Looks like Pure Sleep a sport guard, but it is much stronger and most importantly, it does different job - to stop you from snoring.

Please let me know if this helps. thanks


I recently went online looking for a snoring solution at the suggestion of my sweetheart who has to listen to it all night long. I tried throat sprays, magnets, nasal strips, sinus menthol sprays, sleeping on my side and even looked into surgery. Nothing really worked and surgery was not something I was looking forward to or could really afford.

I found the kudo snorefighter, read some reviews that suggested it was highly effective for many and thought I would give it a try. The price was affordable and it made sense to me. I tend to be a mouth breather and this device would encourage me to keep my mouth closed and move my jaw forward so that air could pass the back of my throat unobstructed. I really hate the fact that I snore and have felt guilty and stressed about it for decades so the price seemed to be a worthy bet.

I have used the device now for several nights and it was JUST THE TICKET! Wow! After all these years... finally snore-free nights! Honestly, I am really, really surprised and somewhat flabbergasted. I wonder why I never heard of this before. My sweetheart is SOooooooooooooooooooooo happy. Problem solved! I highly recommend you try it. If you spend money on sprays or nasal strips you might be able to stop that and try this instead.

The Kudo customer service is fantastic too. Shipping was mega-fast and I can tell that they care about repeat business based on their good communication and follow-up.

How To Return Pure Sleep?

Below is the PureSleep return policies. It is complicated and hard to fully understand. i recommend if you want to return your PureSleep devices, please contact The Pure Sleep Company as early as possible.

The Pure Sleep can be returned for a refund or exchange. The original purchaser must call Pure Sleep Company helpline 866-879-3777 within 37 days of when their Puresleep device was shipped (30 days for PureSleep guarantee plus 7 days to allow for shipping) to obtain a return authorization (RA) number and return instructions.

The purchaser must then return the PureSleep kit per the instructions provided and PureSleep kit must be received by the Pure Sleep Company within 14 days or within 37 days of when their PureSleep device was originally shipped, whichever is later.

For returned PureSleep devices, the guaranteed period will be extended by two weeks to allow the user additional time to evaluate the replacement unit. The Pure Sleep Company will exchange a damaged or defective PureSleep for a new unit, subject to the other terms of the PureSleep guarantee, up to three times, after which, a full refund will be provided.

A message from Kudo Snorefighter to their buyers

Thank you for purchasing Snorefighter. I would like to know your comments on the product in the following few areas:

1. Product effectiveness, does it work for you? Snore eliminated or reduced? Are you happy with it? Do you need additional support?

2. Shipping time. The item arrived on time? Shipping charge is reasonable?

3. Do you feel any difficulties for communication with us? Do you get your questions answered timely?

4. Do you satisfy our overall services?

Please let us know if you have any question and concerns. if you 100% satisfy with the product and services we provided, Please leave comments and feedback for me on Kudohealth.com. Take this opportunity now and help build a better Snore Solution Community. Please scroll down to the bottom of the web page and post your comments.

Here is the link to the feedback web page:


Item title: Snorefighter - An Anti Snore Mouthpiece

Item #: 9999497

Seller Website: kudosnore.com

Seller email: support@kudoempires.com

For more information on snoring solution, please visit www.kudohealth.com

Note: I love to have 100% positive feedback, if you are not happy with the product and services, please let us know before leave a negative feedback. We will do everything we can to satisfy your needs.

Thank you so much for your business.


Where To Buy Zquiet?

You can purchase Zquiet from their website below:


Zquiet offer 2 payments of $29.95 (Total of $59.90) for one Zquiet anti snoring mouthpiece with free shipping.

Where to buy Puresleep?

Pure Sleep offer their anti snoring mouthpiece from their website:


One piece of Pure Sleep will cost your total of $67.85 ( two payments of $29.92 plus $7.95 shipping).

Where to buy Kudo Snorefighter?

At their website:


kudo offers $34.95 plus $4.95 shipping for one complete set of anti snoring mouthpiece to stop snoring immediately.

Any other options?

At top of this web page, you can find them from "Ads by Google"

any questions, please email me to:



Does Zquiet really Work?

Recently more and more people are asking " does Zquiet work?" simple answer is YES or NO. it works for some, not for others. How do you know it works for you? try this simple test, you will know immediately before buy it.

Step 1, close your mouth and try to snore, for most people you can snore like a bear.
Step 2, close your mouth and move your jaw slightly forward to line up your lower teeth with your upper teeth, then try to snore as hard as you can.

Notice the differences? If yes, most likely the Zquiet will work for you. Otherwise you need to try something else.

Why does Zquiet work? Because Zquiet is a device designed to lock your jaw to the forward position by a link attached to your upper teeth. It is looks like a sport guard, but much stronger and most importantly, it does different job - to stop you from snoring.

Most of the anti snoring mouthpiece at market, such as Kudo Snorefighter, Zquiet, Puresleep, SomnoGuard, etc are doing exactly same thing. Only difference is the price. Please reference to the top of this webpage for comparison. Some of products are not in the list, you can find them from the "Google Ad".

Does this help?

Why when you sleep on your side you do not snore?

On 8/10/09, one viewer of kudohealth.com asked "why when u sleep on your side you do not snore?" Similar to Kudo Snorefighter or Puresleep or other anti snoring mouthpiece does, sleep on your side rather than on your back can stop or improve snoring due to the gravity pulling your relaxed tongue to its side or front instead of back which blocks or restricts the air passway. By click or copy the link below to your browser to view an image for why you snore.


Some snoring products such as pillows, T-shirts may be used to prevent you sleeping on your back to stop or reduce snoring. Please be aware that the snoring pillows or t-shirts may not be working for every snorer.

Kudo Snorefighter, Puresleep, Zquiet and SomnoGuard mouthpieces are advanced products which positively lift your tongue by reposition your
jaw slightly forward to prevent breathing passway from blockage, subsequently eliminate snoring. Again, none of the them can guarantee you 100% effectiveness. Fortunately they are low cost and most of them offer free try and money back guaranteed. As I know Kudo offers free try and replacement if the item is damaged or an unsuccessful custom fit. If you are not happy with the results within 60 days trial period, you simply send Kudo an email, Kudo will issue you full refund and you still keep the mouthpiece. No return is needed. Can you get a deal better than this?


Can Puresleep be remolded?

Today, one viewer asked me a question " can puresleep be remolded?"

The simple answer is " YES". only matter of how many time the Puresleep can be remolded. Generally, for best results, the Puresleep recommends for up to 3 times of remolding, but after three times, if you are still not happy with the results, you still can try few more additional times. As I know, like Kudo Snorefighter or Quietsleep, the Puresleep offers replacement for free due to unsuccessful molding fit.

For details of custom fit and replacement policies, please visit the websites below for "return policies"




you can also post your questions in this blog or send me an email:




Every morning, when I come to work, I listen to NPR radio station. Some
time, they offer you some interesting information. Yesterday morning,
8/4/09, when I turned on engine, I heard they were talking about today's
dentist practices. They said today's dentists not only offer their
standard dental practices, they also prescribe drugs and dental devices,
even snoring mouthpiece. Actually some dentists prescribe lots of anti
snoring mouthpieces. After at least three visits, patient will bring
home a custom fit mouthpiece, wearing it overnight to prevent snoring,
and even improve or eliminate sleep apnea symptoms.

This reminds me that on May 31, 2009, CNN invited a snoring experts ( I
assume she is an expert) to talk about the snoring products. She
introduced three major anti snoring products available in today's
markets. First one was a snoring pillow. She said the anti snoring
pillow is effective for some snorers. The theory is the pillows prevent
snorers sleep on their back, and force to sleeping on their side.
Generally when sleep on side, there will be less chance to snore. I
forgot the second one, probably was snoring spray. I do not remember. I
do remembered the third one. It was Puresleep mouthpiece. It is not
working for everyone, but effectiveness is over 80%. Puresleep is an
anti snoring mouthpiece, dentist or doctor prescription is not required.
It requires custom fit and can be done at your home.

I will find the video and post it if I can.


First time users - custom fit tips

Additional Tips for Snorefighter Puresleep anti snoring mouthpiece Molding fit
For first time users, i recommend to breakdown to few more steps to achieve the best results.

1. First step to heat the Snorefighter or Puresleep mouthpiece for 10 seconds in boiled water ( makes sure turn off heat or remove the pot from heat source), so only the U-shape walls are soft, place Snorefighter or Puresleep mouthpiece in your mouth, bite down, then use your tougne and fingers push against your teeth from inside and out side of your mouth, respectively. When bit down, make sure to extend your jaw forward to align up the upper and lower teeth.

2. Second, to heat again for another 15 seconds, bite down, repeat first step.

3. Third, to heat again for additional 20 seconds, do same as first step.

4. Fourth, heat another 30 seconds, do same as first step, check the thickness between upper and lower teeth of the Snorefighter or Puresleep mouthpiece. Thinner is better but not bite thru. Make sure the Snorefighter or Puresleep mouthpiece thicknesses are even for both left and right. Also make sure the mouthpiece won't fall off when you open your mouth.

5. If necessary, heat the Snorefighter or Puresleep mouthpiece little bit longer to remold it until you satisfied.

Hopefully this helps.

How Snorefighter or Puresleep Custom Molding To Your Mouth, Teeth, And Jaw?

The Snorefighter or Puresleep is designed to have upper and lower U-shape channels to provide alignment for the average imperfect aligned jaws. Most people's lower jaws are slightly backward of their upper teeth when their mouths are closed. If this is the way of your bite, the notched or labeled as "TOP" side of the anti snore mouthpiece should be positioned facing up towards the upper teeth of your mouth.

Some people's lower Teeth extend in front of their upper teeth when their mouths are closed. Please contact sellers of Snorefighter or Puresleep for special instruction.

Step 1
Place your Snorefighter or Puresleep in your mouth. Unlike standard sports mouthguard, you will notice that Snorefighter or Puresleep almost covers your entire upper and lower teeth. If the Snorefighter or Puresleep is too big and creating discomfort, you can simply trim off the excessive materials by sharp scissors.

Step 2

Practice few times, you will notice that your jaw wil be pulled forward to have lower teeth align up with upper teeth.

Step 3
Immerse Snorefighter or Puresleep anti snoring mouthpiece into boiled hot water for 25-35 seconds, then remove from water and gentlely shake water off from soften Snorefighter or Puresleep.For first time user, it is a good practice to immerse snorefighter or pure sleep into boiled wate for a shorter time (recommend for 10 seconds each small step) and break down to few smal steps.

Step 4
Immediately place your Snorefighter or Puresleep mouthpiece into your mouth. Make sure the notch or "TOP" lable face up and fit into you upper teeth. Work in front of a mirror, make sure the Snorefighter or Pure sleep mouthpiece is Centered in your mouth.

Step 5
Bite down firmly and evenly, make sure to aligh up your upper and lower teeth, also not bite through

Step 6
Use your tongue to push inner walls of Snorefighter or Puresleep to against your upper and lower teeth.

Step 7

Use your fingures to puss outer walls of Snorefighter or Puresleep to make a custom fit with your teeth.

Your Snorefighter or Puresleep mouthpiece is now custom-fit to your gums and teeth. Please repeat step 3 to 7 if necessary until Snorefighter or Puresleep fit with your teeth tightly.

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